Low quality heat treatment of gears can cause premature wear resulting in breakdowns costing gear manufacturers an arm and a leg. At Oregon Induction, we understand that.

We heat treat a wide variety of gears used in industries from mining to shipping to timber and ensure that gears last longer.


Oregon Induction + Thermal is the premier heat treatment
services facility in the western United States, servicing
a broad cross-section of industries.

Some of the Biggest & Most Complex Supply Chains use us
to meet deadlines and make their parts last longer.

At Oregon Induction, quality is a prerequisite to the game. Over decades, we have refined our quality control processes to the point that no matter what part is heat treated, we can deliver consistent and reliable quality. This coupled with the fact that our facility is open 7 days a week, allows us to deliver our reliable quality on your deadline.

Everything we do everyday is focused on ensuring that your parts perform and last longer. Our 4 part extreme quality process begins when the product arrives where each batch is inspected for quality and then continues during treatment, upon completion and again before shipping. This saves our customers material costs, minimizes breakdowns & downtime and increases durability of their parts.

Have questions? Feel free to contact us with your heat treat questions.