When size, precision and extreme quality with rapid turnarounds matter,
Oregon Induction delivers.

We are the leading induction services provider in the Western United States.

Induction Heat Treating

Controlled depth heat treating which can be area specific in most cases. Ideal for high wear areas like gear teeth, bores, spindles, pulleys, axles etc.

Induction Scanning

Controlled depth heat treating of shafts, arbors, and long steel shapes. Area and depth of heat treat can be controlled for parts up to 14 feet. Longer lengths considered.

Gear Scanning

Contour hardening of all types of gears with sizes ranging from 6DP – .25DP, bevels, helicals etc, utilizing CNC controlled state of the art equipment.

Induction Brazing

Selective heating gives better quality joints and reduced oxidation providing consistent results. Ideal for contacts, wear surfaces and bearing races etc.

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